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Become a Priority Payment Systems Referral Partner today! Receive a generous, ongoing share of the revenue from all referred accounts. There's no cost and minimal effort on your part. Simply inform your clients about the Priority Advantage!

It's Easy:

  • Announce your referral partnership with Priority Payment Systems.
  • Priority will generate collaborative marketing materials for your approval.
  • Priority consultants will follow up leads to enroll customers and establish your portfolio.
  • Priority will pay a share of the ongoing revenue on a passive residual income basis.
  • You always have full, online access to view how much your referrals are earning for you.

Why Priority?

Priority enables merchants to accept all forms of payment and process the transaction with high levels of speed and accuracy. Whether it's a credit card, debit card, gift card, loyalty card or check conversion, Priority makes the process quick and easy. We work to deliver best-in-class solutions at competitive prices. Our goal is to give our customers more control over their businesses.

Referral Partner Benefits Include:

  • Generous share of ongoing revenue paid monthly
  • Association with one of the top processors in the industry
  • Online tools for instant account information and easy management
  • Free professional marketing resources for referral campaigns
  • 4 Rings and Resolve support standard for all customer service calls
  • Recommend Priority with confidence

Your referrals will enjoy improved cash flow, higher service levels and more efficient payments. You will enjoy a new source of revenue. It's a classic win-win outcome. Get started today!

Let's get started! Call (503) 610-1430 or use the form on the right to start the conversation today.

Please call (503) 610-1430 or use the following form to find out how a referral partnership can improve your monthly revenue!


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