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Petroleum/Pay at the Pump

Priority's next generation solutions and world-class customer service make us a popular choice for petroleum sales. We offer bank card processing for merchants needing pay-at-the pump or inside store purchases.

Systems such as Ruby, Gilbarco and Wayne are all certified on the BuyPass platform. Specific interchange rates apply accordingly to transactions run through automated fuel dispensers or at the point of sale inside the store.

We can also process Fleet cards popular for use in these and other automotive merchant locations. Merchants can easily establish processing for Wright Express (WEX), Voyager, Fuelman and MasterCard Fleet cards as part of the same set up process. Customers frequently ask to use Fleet cards at retail merchants like auto repair and parts stores. Using the FD-100, Ingenico 510, or a Tranz 380, merchants can accept these cards with stand-alone terminals running retail applications.

"Ruby", "Gilbarco", "Wayne", "BuyPass", "Wright Express (WEX)", "Voyager", "Fuelman", "MasterCard", "FD-100", "Ingenico 510", and "Tranz 380" are trademarks and service marks of their respective owners.