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MX Merchant Basic has the essential capabilities you need for smarter, more efficient payment processing. The system offers introductory inventory capabilities with a capacity of up to 100 items. The custom invoices feature gives you professional-looking documents that can be printed or emailed. Recurring invoices save you hours of paperwork by automatically generating regular invoices, with advanced payment options like MXM Click2Pay, MXM Text2Pay or MXM Link2Pay. Customers love the convenience; you'll love the improvement in your cash flow!

MX Merchant Basic can enhance your sales process with new levels of service and flexibility! The virtual terminal feature lets you turn any computer into a point of sale register using the MX Merchant Cloud POS.

MX Point of Sale offers a Retail POS solution with a tablet-based cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner for counter sales, and line buster handheld checkout for transactions anywhere within WiFi range using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The Mobile POS solution lets you take MX POS on the road to process sales from anywhere using your iPhone or iPad and data plan.

Streamline your sales process and boost your margins with MX Merchant Basic.

MX Merchant Basic expands on MX Merchant Reporting with these features:

Cloud POS (Virtual Terminal)

Save money on equipment by turning any computer into a point of sale system.

Mobile POS APP

Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a full-featured, handheld point of sale system. Take transactions to the customer, whether on the sales floor or on site in a home or office.

Custom Invoices

Create professional-looking invoices branded with your company identity for print or email delivery.

Recurring Invoices

Save time, reduce paperwork and improve cash flow with automatically recurring invoices.

Advanced Payments

Give customers options to make payments quickly from within an emailed invoice with a click, link or text with MXM Click2Pay, MXM Link2Pay or MXM Text2Pay.

Encrypted Card Readers

Reliable card swiping with security features that meet PCI DSS certification requirements.


Robust, real-time inventory management with a capacity up to 100 items.

API Access (Transactions)

Integrate MX Merchant with third party software and accounting systems, access data and perform payment transactions.

MX Merchant Basic also includes:

Reporting and Analysis

Wide range of reports puts actionable data at your fingertips. Take control of your information to spot trends, avoid problems and more efficiently manage your business.

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