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Take Advantage of Priority's Funding and Financing Programs!

Our plans for your business are just as big as yours - and we can provide the capital you need to get there. Talk to us about the funding you need to fuel your plans for growth. We have several programs available and we'll work with you to find the best option.

Capital Financing

For ISOs and Agents eager to build their businesses, Priority has programs that can provide the capital needed for company growth. We're happy to talk to you about funding options that will improve your competitive position and keep your business growing.

Merchant Funding

Some merchants have found that banks and lending institutions cannot accommodate the need for small, short term loans. Since we understand that your merchants' bank card transactions represent a large part of their cash flow, Priority Payment Systems offers advanced funding against those receivables. Priority works with several advance funding companies so that payments can be redirected from the daily batches back to the funding source.

Equipment Leasing

Choosing where to spend money can be a balancing act for some businesses. Leasing allows a small or start-up business to afford more expensive equipment than they could purchase outright. Priority makes it even easier by integrating leasing agreements into the standard merchant application and program guide, saving you cumbersome paperwork.

If you have merchants who are interested in leasing equipment, talk to us. We have several options available.

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