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Next Generation Bank Card Solutions for Financial Institutions

Priority Payment Systems has the tools you need to compete successfully for deposit relationships and other new business. Use the form at the right to tell us what you'd like to achieve, and let's start the conversation!

Whether you sell directly or refer your clients to us, you'll receive:

  • Industry Experienced Payment Consultants
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Strategic Payment Solutions
  • Interchange Qualification Management
  • Proactive Customer Care
  • Fee Income

Solutions Your Customers Want

Priority Payment Systems is constantly seeking new ways to promote faster business growth and higher profits for our community bank partners. We've created a proactive program dedicated to your success that includes progressive solutions for strategic vertical markets that are important in your community.

Priority's Medical Banking Solution

Compete effectively for health care providers' deposit and credit relationships.

  • Point of care payment portal and remittance processing
  • Estimate patient eligibility using 430 payers
  • Accept credit, debit and ACH
  • Offer payment plans
  • Convert paper EOB to electronic posting files
  • Online web portal for EOB data
  • Enhanced denial identifIcation and management
  • Service automates the posting of 100% of the providers remittances

Government and Commercial (B2B) Payments

Enable your commercial customers to get paid faster and reduce their transaction fees.

  • Reduced rates and fees for large ticket transactions
  • Participate in P Card issuer rebates
  • Utilize payment software to achieve the best qualified rate
  • Emerging market interchange rates are available for qualified merchants
  • Eligible merchants can receive next day funding for Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Education Solutions

Help schools and universities improve and manage cash flow.

  • Allow all school organizations to accept credit cards payments
  • Provide online tracking for membership and payments
  • Offer additional support with web integration and school management solutions
  • Assist fundraising efforts with revenue sharing through Project Give Back


Raise your profile in the community by supporting local non-profits.

  • Provide fast, efficient credit acceptance
  • Encourage donations with event point of sale solutions
  • Offer online donor management software to improve communication and bookkeeping
  • Assist fundraising efforts with revenue sharing through Project Give Back

Mobile Payment Solutions

Hand-held point of sale revolutionizes the sales process.

  • Accept payments anywhere — on the sales floor or on the road
  • Read bar codes or select from real time inventory
  • Accept on-screen signatures
  • Print, email or SMS receipts
  • Customize security according to your usage needs
  • Work with WiFi, 3G & 4G or MiFi

Make the Priority Choice

We will improve the services and cost efficiency of the payment processing solutions you provide to your customers. Let Priority make you more competitive.

Fill in the form on the right, and let's get started today!

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